Welcome to my internet home. I’m best known out in the world for my appearances on the History Channel’s show Pawn Stars as the “book expert,” but on my normal days I’m a manager at Bauman Rare Books, one of the largest rare book companies in the world. If you’re new to the site, here’s a list of posts to explore.


Two of my posts have been featured by WordPress on their Freshly Pressed site:

The Unlikely Friendship and Inevitable Feud of Arthur Conan Doyle and Harry Houdini

Dust Jacket Logic: It Exists


Or if you want to learn about rare books, check out my Rare Books 101 series. It is ongoing and covers everything from what makes a first edition to storage and handling of rare books.

On the Bauman Rare Books Blog I write an original series called The Secret Language of Rare Books.

Here are a few other posts touching on books from the perspective of a rare book dealer:

Why Book Collectors Matter

Electronic Readers: Blessing, or Abomination?

Rare Books and the White Gloves Myth


Finally, here are a few of my personal favorites:

What Fairy Tales Really Mean

Dorothy Parker: The Author who “Wrote Poetry like an Angel and Criticism Like a Fiend”

Tolkien’s Secret Vice

Ulysses: “We were the First to Publish this Masterpiece and the First to be Arrested for It”


Or simply use the sidebar “Recent Posts” for my latest. Thanks, and enjoy…